AAS College – School of Art & Design

Address: Pl. Dimokratias 5-9 Into Arcade 54630, Thessaloniki, Greece

Phone: +30 2310 220807

Email: info@aas.gr


At AAS we understand that in order to reach your full potentials, you need a modern, friendly and inspiring environment. This is the reason why we constantly invest in our premises and resources. High-tech computers, magazines, books, DVDs and all necessary equipment is there to help you with your studies. You study and practice at fully equipped Computer Studios, Fashion Design Studios, Design Studios while you can enjoy and relax at the College’s cafe.

Our Library is one of the biggest in the city and is fully updated. Furthermore, because the collaboration with British universities you enjoy free access to e-libraries throughout your studies. You will participate in numerous competitions during your study. The high number of awards that our students achieve in national and international competitions makes us really proud.

During your three-year programme, you also enjoy cultural visits, real projects, work placements, exhibitions and study-visits to Europe.

AAS is an excellent choice for you who want to make a difference in the fields of art, design and communication. You are trained according to the British educational system and you are prepared to answer all the challenges in the international market. You follow the same curriculum, the same programme and you obtain the same Bachelor and Master Degrees as the students at British universities. You get the same top quality British education. You keep updated with all international trends in design and graphics.

When it comes to studies, make the smart choice! Choose top quality British education, in a top quality Mediterranean environment, at lower tuition fees than the UK Universities!



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