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The degree you’ll earn at Hellenic American College will prepare you for professional success.

The education you’ll receive will prepare you for the rest of your life.

Why study with us

1. Guaranteed Aid for Students with Need

If you deserve help in paying for your education, you’ll get it. It’s that simple. The great majority of our students receive some kind of scholarship. This year, the average financial aid package for undergraduates was €2,310 per year.

2. One-on-one Academic and Career Support

You’ll find resources to help you succeed in your studies and career: your faculty mentor, writing tutors, career counseling services, especially your teachers. This support is one reason why the majority of our students complete their degree—and why 91% of them are working afterwards.

3. Student-Centered Learning

You’ll enjoy studying here. Small classes with a diverse student body, an internationally trained faculty passionately committed to their teaching and their students, and an emphasis on hands-on learning and participation will engage and challenge you to excel.
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