Our story began in 1997. Back then we were a start-up aiming to build effective communication channels and touch-base points between young graduates and employers. Today, we are the biggest hub for employment in Greece thus daily empowering, via our services, an all-inclusive workforce and every employer to bridge the gap of skills, matching and employability. Every month, nearly 500.000 job seekers trust kariera.gr to help them find a job among 12.000 employers using our portal.

For our team, job search is about more than just assisting people finding a job. It’s about empowering people to explore their talents and get the job they love while connecting them to their Employer of choice. We help people and businesses grow through technological platforms, services and events that unite job search, skills, education, training and recruiting. We dare to co-design the future of work with continuous, in-depth primary research towards current and future workforce generations. We believe in a fair, sustainable future -one where everyone thrives on a personal and professional level therefore contributing in all upcoming workforce generations to embrace learnability and agility.


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